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One Week Until “Passages”

November 5 2017 - In: General

In one week, join Chamber Singers of Iowa City in a choral exploration of milestones along life’s journey. Turns out it’s fertile and scenic territory. We’re in love with this music, and we’re sure you’ll agree it’s some of the most beautiful we’ve chosen as a choir.

Singer James Petersen’s 11/2 Press-Citizen guest column goes into even more detail about the pieces we’re preparing for the program. Be sure to give it a click.

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Happy Halloween from CSIC!

October 31 2017 - In: General

To get you in the Halloween spirit, please enjoy CSIC’s 2015 performance of “Nächtens,” a haunting piece by Johannes Brahms (with uncanny 5/4 time signature) about chilling, dreadful thoughts and feelings that have a way of creeping in at night.



Nächtens  wachen  auf  die  irren,
Lügenmächt’gen  Spukgestalten,
Welche  deinen  Sinn  verwirren.

Nächtens  ist  im  Blumengarten
Reif  gefallen,   daß  vergebens
Du  der  Blumen  würdest  warten.

Nächtens  haben  Gram  und   Sorgen
In  dein  Herz  sich  eingenistet
Und  auf  Tränen  blickt  der  Morgen.


[At night awaken those wandering,
deceptive phantoms
that bewilder the mind.

At night in the flower garden
frost falls so that it is futile
to wait for flowers to bloom.

At night grief and worry
nestle within your heart
and the morning gazes in upon tears.]


H  A  P  P  Y   H  A  L  L  O  W  E  E  N  !

Singer James Petersen is a guest columnist for the Iowa City Press-Citizen. His new column offers a glimpse of our first concert, Passagesa program designed to guide listeners through stages we all undergo in life, and to explore our shared experience of many important rites of passage.

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October 18 2017 - In: General

Chamber Singers of Iowa City concertgoers are a savvy lot with discriminating taste.

Advertising in our concert programs is a inexpensive and effective way to drum up hundreds of new customers–not to mention to support a local nonprofit continually striving to contribute to our vibrant Corridor culture.

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  • February 25, 2018 – Handel & Haydn
    3:00 pm, Concert
  • May 20, 2018 – Waiting & Watching
    3:00 pm, Concert
  • May 30, 2018 – Carnegie Hall Trip
    N/A, Concert

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